WiFi + 3G mini PCIe card

Hi All,

I've recently purchased a Toshiba NB550D/00K Netbook and have been looking into quite a few upgrades. Other than the obvious extra RAM and a SSD I have also been looking at replacing the wifi card, presumably plugged into a mini PCIe slot

However in my wanderings I've seen quite a bit of discussion about 3G + WiFi combined cards, however everything I've seen suggests that some very detailed modding is required to get something like this to work, but most of these threads and discussions are from ~2009 so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any mini PCIe cards which I can use to connect to 3G without giving up my Wifi which can preferably just be plugged into the mini PCIe, hooked up with a SIM and are good to go.

If it makes a difference I live in Australia and am planning to install a yet unchosen linux distro.

Thanks guys,
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  1. Be careful: mini PCIe slots in laptops/netbooks are NOT standardized like PCIe slots on desktop PCs.
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