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I can not get far cry 3 to run stably. I am really starting to get mad. Everything is stable for hours on end with no crashes. I ran 2 or 3 runs of furmark, and unigenes heaven for about an hour without even a hiccup. The I go to far cry 3 with these settings and it crashes in 15 minutes! Is there anything you guys have figured out that will make this game run well?
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  1. Maybe it is because of high temp
    What graphics card do you have?
    Make sure that the temps normal.
    Reinstall direct x and update/reinstall the graphics drivers
  2. Xttony said:
    Maybe it is because of high temp

    He ran benchmarks for an hour, apparently without any problems. I doubt it's a heat problem.
  3. what drivers?

    any overclock? <-- the only reason i have crashed in game play.

    edit: you still have that 560ti?

    edit 2: oh hell this is in the AMD section! nevermind . .
  4. No I have an overclocked 7950. I know that if I bring it down to stock when I play the issues will probably be gone. I just find it annoying that it doesn't work when everything else does. I have 13.1 drivers. My card has never even gotten to 80 degrees before. The highest I have seen my card get is 78 degrees on furmark. Usually it runs in the high 60's to low 70's.
  5. If the reverting back to the stock clocks help then you should do exactly that. Why overclock the card for a game it can at it's stock clocks.
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