Graphics card works with monitor but i need more video ram

ight. ive just built a computer with an asus 78L-M LX motherboard, phenom processor, and a radeon hd 7500 graphics card. im trying to run battlefield 2: bad company, but i dont have enough video ram to run it. shouuld i adjust the video ram manually if possible, or is the card incompatable with that motherboard. idk imma newb.
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  1. If the graphics card is not integrated into the motherboard ("on board") you cannot adjust/increase the amount of memory available to it. Slot-fitting graphics cards (PCI & PCI-Express) have their own RAM chips and it's a fixed amount.
  2. the mb has onboard video. make sure in the bios you turn it off and connect your monitor to the gpu you have. the gpu is faster and has more power. on some systems that have amd chipset if you cant turn the onboard gpu off then set it up as monitor 2 and set the gpu as main monitor in the amd ccc control panel.
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