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I've been reading around about graphics cards and figuring out what I want but I need some advice. What is the cheapest graphics card that will be able to maintain a good frame rate on new releases and games to come such as the Crysis 3 beta while all the settings are on ultra at a resolution of 1920x1080. So which is the cheapest card that will do this, I have an Intel i5 3570k CPU if that helps.
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  1. Lol it won't be cheap I can tell you that. You will be spending above $300 for that power. Try a Radeon 7970
  2. I know it won't be cheap and I am willing to spend that much but I am just trying to see which is the cheapest to save a little money so I can actually afford the games as well ;)
  3. Ok well you said cheapest, So i thought you wanted to spend $100 or something.

    But the 7970 is a good bet. It should run Crysis 3 on Ultra. An alternative is a GTX 680, but thats more expensive.

    Thats with low AA btw. If you really want to max out Crysis, you will be looking at 2x 7970 in crossfire
  4. Ok thanks for the advice
  5. how cheap? whats your budget?

    gtx680? meh... gtx 670 is beter choice
    or radeon 7950/ 7870 LE
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