SLI Problem (FPS)

hey guys so I have a pc question, i am trying to crossfire 2 HD 7750's I am enabling the crossfire through the AMD Vision Engine Control Center, but when I go to play a game on it my frames drop by like 20 frames. Also, to crossfire you must have the bridge thing that connects the two graphics cards inside the tower correct? if so, i dont see where you connect the bridge to the 7750's. and I dont think the card came with one.

These are the parts im using with a 1000 Watt PSU [...] 6814131485 [...] 6819113280 [...] 6813131882


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  1. 1) Your links are broken
    2) SLI-ing/Crossfiring cheap(est) cards is/was/will always be a terrible idea
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