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I have a Dell Latitude E6330 running in a docking station with a 21" widescreen monitor. I just moved the docking station and now have an odd problem.. If I start the laptop up in the docking station, the monitor goes into power save mode because it says there's no laptop detected in the docking station. However, if I start the laptop up on it's own then close the lid and insert it into the docking station, the monitor works fine. Any ideas on what could be the problem? I should add that before I moved everything (I had to disconnect everything), the monitor recognized the laptop right from the start in the docking station, no problem...
Appreciate any insight..
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  1. to enable the 2nd monitor try function + f8 or Function + f2. the function key is in the lower left it says Fn in blue.
  2. Actually its orange on that model and its Fn + F8
  3. Hi Randini - That did not work.
    When you insert the laptop into docking station then turn it on with the docking station, I can see the "countdown" run on the docking station monitor but just before the "windows" symbols come up and starts up windows 7, the monitor screen goes black then a message indicating it's going into power save mode comes on the monitor (because it's not recognizing the laptop) then it fades to black - however the laptop is still on and if I pop it out of the docking station and open the lid, it has started up... If I close the lid and pop it back in, then it'll work on the docking station monitor...
    very odd...
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