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My computer has recently started freezing.
Most of the time it is while i am playing graphically taxing games but it also freezes on startup (boots up to desktop but the monitor stays on the windows 7 logo and i cant do anything) or when it boots the desktop just doesnt show (monitor loses signal)

It also has been giving me lots of seemingly graphical lag prior to playing games such as battlefield 3, and during playing minecraft and path of exile.

just uploaded a couple of SS from GPU-Z and DX Diag

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  1. bit of an update: i rolled back the drivers to 306.9 and computer still froze up, just took it all apart reseated everything possible and cleaned out the majority of the dust, now attempting to configure the RAM to see if that is a possible problem.

    please, any ideas or thoughts or help would be very very much appreciated

    also, after i rolled back the drivers i started up battlefield 3 to see if it would freeze again and it came up with this message:

    also, before the freeze after that message the computer had a graphics driver malfunction and had to recover them, pretty much 15 seconds later computer froze
  2. It could very well be your graphic card. What temperatures are you getting on it? Is it overclocked? Also if your system is freezing then it could also be your RAM. You could run memtest to check your RAM.

    Hope this helps!
  3. 75 at max load, 48 otherwise.

    acceptable temperatures for an air-cooled graphics card.

    i cleaned it out today and reseated all my hardware and moved the graphics card down a couple of slots to a better ventilated area from the front of my case (I have the Coolermaster HAFX if anyone was wondering) and am currently in the process of checking my RAM to see if any of them are faulty
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