GTX 560 ti vs 650 ti


I'm looking for NVIDIA's graphics card.
Choosing between 560ti and 650ti
Mostly using my PC for video editing (amateur level) and probably for some gaming too.

Which one would be better?
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  1. 560ti by a moderately sizable margin
  2. 560ti is a little stronger,3107-7.html
    but I would advise against getting it, as it is way over priced. If you have to go nvidia, get a 650ti or 660. There is also the 7850 if you can take the amd approach
  3. Hello... PASSmark 560ti=3463 650ti=2678
  4. I have a chice between used 560ti and new 650ti.
    Both are about 140€

    Also 650ti would be about 10€ cheaper than 650ti OC. How big difference would it be?
  5. Which one should I go with?
  6. Hello... I would go with the one with the best cooler/fan design... and has the best quality/performance/warranty FEEDBACK.

    I would 560ti... I gave you the wrong PASSmark #'s above... re-check my edit/post.
  7. personnaly im going with the 650ti when i get paid. there are good sales on them now and its newer.
  8. OK,
    so the 560 ti would be that one:
    It looks OK, but I wouldn't get any warranty with it.

    For the 650ti I have a few options in my price range:
    MSI N650Ti PE 1GD5/OC
    ASUS GeForce® GTX 650 Ti performance graphics
    ASUS GeForce® GTX 650 Ti DirectCU II dual-fan performance graphics

    The latest looks the greatest.
    Also for those I would get warranty, which is good
    I don't think that I would SLI in the near future, but one never knows. That's a pro for the 560ti again.

    Also, does anyone know if the used 560ti is over priced or not?

    Which to choose?
  9. For editing the 500 series cards are normally stronger in that area I would go with the 560Ti if you can get that. Also what is your budget maybe there is a way to find a 570 within your price margin. Although if you are looking at a 560Ti new you probably should be looking at a GTX660 as the pricing is probably very close. And the performance is stronger then a 560ti and almost on par computing wise with a 570 it looks like.,69,39,114&sort=a5
  10. I don't have the funds for new 560ti, therefore no 660 either.

    My budget is about 150 euros.
  11. Ah I see so you are buying a card 2nd hand? Well then I would say the 560Ti however I would insure that you have a return policy with the seller if things go wrong. And when you received it I would stress test it with things like 3dmark and furmark to see if the card had be overclocked or had been damaged.
  12. Probably getting the 560ti then
  13. 560ti most definitely! just save up a couple bucks and you'll be fine :)
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