Can my computer handle NVIDIA GT630 WITH 2GB ?

Hi guys !!!
I want to ask you about graphics card (Nvidia).
The name of my MOTHER BOARD is D2700DC.
I have got a computer with 4gb ram ,and dual core 2.13 GHZ (4 processors).
I want to buy a Nvidia GT630 with 2GB VRAM, but I don't know if my computer can handle that ?
So please anybody give me a suggestion about that.

Thanks a lot guys !!!
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  1. what is your power supply
  2. mrzxz said:
    what is your power supply

    I am not good in computers very much how can I see it ???
  3. Maker and model please.

    Also what do you want to do with card?
  4. If you open the side panel of your computer case, you should see your power supply in the top back corner, or bottom back corner.

    Just tell us what it says on the side of the power supply. It should have a little sticker or something on it with a chart with numbers on it and the make model somewhere there too.
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