AMD Radeon HD 6670

so i just got that card a few days ago and my question is, i got a tv that my pc is hooked up to but they say the recomended resoultion for the card is 1280x1024. so my question is if i threw my display to 720p which is a little lower then recommended resoulution would that affect my frame rate in games for better or worse ? idk if hd matters when it comes to displays or not
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  1. Is it a 720p tv? Whatever its native resolution is will look best. Higher you may not see anything at all, lower can look pixellated.

    Frames will be higher at 720 than at 1024 since the card has fewer pixels to render.
  2. it can go up to 1080i the it just hurts my eyes to be honest at 1080i.
  3. let me try to explain better when i got into AMD VISION Engine Control Center and it gives me resoultion options theres one for basic and another one for hd tv. would putting it on hd tv lower my frame rates compared to just going with basic?
  4. I'd set it to hd since your tv is hd. You can always try it different ways and see. Only takes a minute to change :)
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