Sabertooth 990fx bios upgrade

Is there Gui interface for this bios update, or is everything done in DOS
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  1. Hi :)

    WARNING...flashing your bios can blow your motherboard and cpu.....

    WHY do you think it needs flashing ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. and why would it blow my Mobo and or CPU is it that unstable....reason for flashing is to make sure I stay current & up to-date for gaming most all Asus boards I have flashed b4 were easy fast and user friendly...are you saying that the Sabertooth is not....
  3. still require an answer to my there an effective efficient gui interface to flash the bios in a Saber-Tooth Mobo
  4. Is there no one out there that knows if there's an easy gui interface for the bios use.... NOT DOS...its an antique 4 :sweat: out loud time to put that one 2 :sleep:
  5. It's built into the bios and you use a flash drive formatted to fat 32.Download the rom update file and put it on the flash drive.Access the flash drive from the bios under the tools menu.
  6. Be careful or the board will be toast.
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