Should i get the EVGA geforce gtx 660 ti FTW+ 3gb graphichs card or the MSI ge

Ok so i wanted to get the Evga geforce gtx 660 ti ftw+ 3gbs graphics card, but i saw reviews where it said it got really hot and really loud under a full load. so i want the peformence but i dont want it to be loud, so my question is which card do you recomend? these are the links. [...] 6814130817 [...] 6814127696 [...] 6814125450

first link being the evga geforce gtx 660 the second link being the MSI geforce gtx 660 and the third link being the gigabyte geforce gtx 660

if there is a better card that preforms better tthan these cards for arround 370 dollars can you please tell me?
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  1. Just bought a 66ti FTW+ 3gb myself and it's outstanding, can highly reccomend it.
    I have the back of my pc pointing at my monitor so about 2ft from my head and never really notice the fans while gaming.
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