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nvidia china geforce 9600 gt 1gb 128bit ddr3

I have lost my disk of drivers ( Nvidia Geforce 9600 Gt 1 gb 128 bit DDR3 ) I need a driver's for Windows7 64bit
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  1. Hello... What langauge would you like?
  2. I need just a driver language is not so seriusly for me
  3. I have download from official website the driver but its sad that he dosnt fond any device (
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    Hello... here is the place, you can select the langauge yourself then...

    Clean the video card pins with alcohol... and re-install.
  5. If somebody know where get this driver's or maybe somebody has already have this driver's please help me to install my driver
  6. thank you very much my dear friend I try to install this one wich you get for me
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  8. Its so terrible he sad that device is not found (( People help please ! Model of VGA is Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 1GB 128bit DDR3 (need driver for OS Windows7 64bit) I think this VGA is a Chine's production witch is the problem why a driver did not set
  9. Hello... so Windows is booting with the VIDEO Card plugged in? and seen as a "Generic VGA adaptor"? You can also go to Windows LIVE UPDATE for an NVIDIA/Microsoft approved driver for it... It will work just fine.
  10. Yes he booting with vGA plugged Windows Live ubdate dont have anything for this device (
  11. Hello... does it have a yellow mark by it, in the device manager? is it called a "Generic VGA adaptor" ? Where did he get it? What brand is it? they are all made in CHINA these days... by the way.

    Does it look like this?

    Can you post a picture of the Card/brand for further help?

    Also if there is other TAG#'s and FCC #'s to help identify the maker of the Card... The circuit board will also have #'s on it.
  12. Sorry, Iam from Asia and its very hard for me to write in english :) In my device meneger I have 2 installed driver for adapter the firs is a Intel graphics adapter whitch is from my motherboard and the second is a Standart adapter but the second device whitch must be my VGA is not supported or maybe something else cours its doestn show anything just only installed standart VGA
  13. Hello... OK... you need to have 1 Video device/card working at a time, to load drivers.
    1) go into your BIO's and shut off the Motherboard/intel video... and set Bios to Exterior PCIe...
    2) Save setting and Exit BIO's
    3) plug your monitor into the 9600 gt and restart the computer into Windows.
    4) Does windows now install a driver for it? if not, re-install the driver program... restart computer after driver is done installing.
  14. Sorry I have a quetion in BIOS I have PCE-E 8pin and 16pin also i have onboard and just PCE whitch of them choose ? ( When I deleting driver's of the standart adapter the windows is installing them automaticaly I have disable from Rieestor a Driver Foundation but its doesnt help the system keeping install standart driver automaticyaly
  15. Hello... enable/ disable chose PCE-E... try different settings... Disable the intel graphics... do not change any Windows drivers... Just change your BIOs and get windows to display from the 9600 GT... PLUG THE monitor into the NEW VIDEO card... DO YOU SEE Windows screen when you start the Computer?
  16. I understand you my dear friend and i know what do you wont to understand My VGA is worcking succesfull ! Now I do all's what you tell me
  17. This is very interesting for that why VGA is worcking( in monitor has a signal but driver's dont support this device )
  18. Hello ok... there is no driver for your monitor... it is a PASSIVE device.

    You can force a driver to load for any device... Hope this helps. : )
  19. Ok thank you very much my dear friend
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