Installing Win7 on Asus K8V SE Deluxe - Is it possible?

I have been working on this for about 5 hours now, searching many forums, downloading drivers, changing Bios settings, etc... but nothing is working. I realize there is a compatibility issue with KV8 and Win7 but a guy at Asus said it might be able to be fixed with certain drivers. I have been fooling around with VIA and Fasttrak 378. My hard drive is working fine as I am using it right now, but when I get to the Win7 installation to choose where to save it, it does not detect a hard drive. This happened when I tried to install XP pro 64 a while ago as well. How can I make it appear? My system is:

ABS built
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
2gb G.Skill Ram
160gb Maxtor SATA hd

I guess I'm confused as to why my hard drive is even RAID configured being that there is only 1...

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Hey I am also using a av8 with win 7 and had no problems with my install... are you using the Maxtor diamond max 10? if so you will have to move the jumper on the drive to limit its througput to 1.5 gbps as this board is sata 1 and the drive is sata 2.0 (3gbps) here is a link to the maxtor manual if that is the one you have. it's on page 22
  2. But this is a KV8 not a AV8...

    It is a maxtor hd, but I can't figure out what kind. I'll try to figure that out and try the jumper thing.
  3. it is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 160gb, the pin configuration is different. It looks like this with O being pins and X being pins that have a jumper on them, the blank spot is a missing pin:

  4. i would check the bios under advanced, to make sure that onboard sata boot rom is enabled but if you are using the drive then it already is. do you have anouther hard drive to try?
  5. wow if that is what you have then you have a ata drive not a sata drive. here is the link to your drives manual

    please go to page 21 and set your drive up as a master and make sure it is attached to the end of your ribbon cable. (not the middle)
    and retry installing windows. if you still have a problem try a different cable.
  6. So far I have somewhat determined it to be a RAID controller issue but I don't know what to do with it. I might just leave XP on I guess, which is too bad because I was trying to put 7 on my parents laptop and desktop to use homegroup and stuff... I don't understand why Microsoft would not make this mobo compatible with 7, yeah its 5 years old but it's a great computer...
  7. the drive is connected to the mobo's primary SATA port... I don't have any more jumper things. If it isn't set up properly why does Windows XP work on it? I am on this computer right now.
  8. I don't know, it must be a 10 because it is a SATA, I just typed in the only numbers I could see on it without taking it out into google and they came up as a 9 plus.
  9. the Diamond max 9 came in both ata and sata if you have jumpers as you have described then you have a ata drive with a 2 1/2 inch wide 40 wire ribbon cable. not a sata with a 7 wire 3/4 inch wide cable. In your digraim you said it has a jumper already installed what you need to do is remove that jumper and place it in the correct position as master. here is the link again to your hard drive to see where the jumper nees to be it on page 21. if you dont have a jumper at all you can remove the cmos jumper off of your motherboard and use that one.
  10. it has a SATA cable.
  11. Hello slfranke,

    Have you tried the upgrade advisor?
    Here is the link to the upgrade advisor:

    What results do you get?

    Also double-check your mobo is covered here:

    Windows 7 Compatibility: (There you will find out about hardware and software compatibilty.)
    There is a pulldown from which you can choose "hardware" and "software".


    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Support
  12. Yes I ran the upgrade advisor and it said I was ok... but I don't think my motherboard is compatible, when I search it it doesn't come up. It would be nice if it at least came up and said it wasn't compatible but if they had things displayed as incompatible I guess it would make them look bad. I don't think its going to work, waste of money I guess.
  13. I have the K8V SE DX mobo as well. I think you may need to go into the BIOS and disable the RAID controller, but leave the SATA controller enabled. It may be the RAID setting that is preventing W7 from seeing the single hard drive. (Hope this isn't too late...) Good luck!
  14. Also having problems with this. When SATA drive is connected to the VIA ports (SATA1) its not detected at all but when connected to Promise (PRI_SATA) running in IDE mode I can see the HDD in the BIOS (and even boot from it) but the WIN7 install doesn't seem to see it. Don't have the original MB CD to hand but have downloaded the BETA-XP64 drivers and need to put them on a CD or USB and try them out.

    Do I need to jumper the HDD to get the VIA controller to see it?

    Looks like I might need another IDE drive to install this on....
  15. After fiddling a bit I've discovered that it was indeed the fact that the board only supports SATA1 and it was a SATA2 drive that I was trying to use. I jumpered it down to 150MB/S as suggested and then it was picked up on the SATA1 port.

    Now I just need to find a compatible audio driver...
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