Strange 'waves' whilst playing games

Hi guys,

I recently built myself a PC, and when I went to test it out on several games I noticed that there are these strange horizontal "waves" that appear to be travelling down the screen. They only seem to appear when looking at darker colours (e.g. a black loadig screen, or if it is night time in the game). I have a Powercolor HD 7970 and the latest drivers installed - any ideas what this might be and how to get rid of it?

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  1. does it look like this?
    If so, it's a simple solution, just turn on vsync.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply.

    Sadly it's not tearing like that (and I tried it with v-sync on and off etc. to no effect). It's more of a sort of continual wave-like motion travelling down the screen in a horizontal fashion. Really have no idea what it is but it's really annoying me! It only seems to appear when in vido games though...
  3. try triple buffering maybe. You could reisntall drivers as well.
  4. Will do =) will let you know if it helps!
  5. Hi guys, fixed the problem. Turns out it was because I was using a VGA cable as opposed to a HDMI cable (my monitor's a bit old so doesn't support it). It wasn't until I used my housemate's monitor with his HDMI cable that the problem went away!

  6. K, glad you figured out your problem.
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