Fairly unique problem involving DP VGA and DVI

So I'm trying to running 3 monitors, 2 of which are VGA and the other hdmi. My current card is the EVGA 680 and has only one DVI-I, so I had the bright idea of converting DP>DVI>VGA yet the DP I use reads as HDMI HDTV output, is there a way to force a DP into VGA output?
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  1. if you still trying to do this ill try and help

    A DVI-I serports digital and analogue. so can be coverted to VGA which is analogue

    DP is digital only. just like DVI-D which is allso digital only. unless you can find a box that will covert the digital signal to analogue. you cant do it.
  2. I'm not working with quite the same setup anymore, but let me clarify that dp can convert to vga without one of those converter boxes, i was able to pick a dp>vga adapter for about $30
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