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Hi guys
I want to get your Opion I'm trying to decide to buy a new graphics card to play skyrim on ultra I run a few hd mods and tend to get a bit of stutter and lag in open areas i have to dial back the settings but as i said i would like to run on ultra settings. The card i got tends to run a bit hot hits 70 deg currently have a Gtx570 oc. I was Looking at a 7870 oc, 7970 oc there is a $80 difference between the 2 which would you guys run with looking to spend around $300-$350 max aus (open to Nvidia cards as well )
My computer specs are
CPU- I7 950 over clocked to 3.8
Motherboard- p6x58d-e
Ram - gskill ripjaw 16g
Psu- 750w thermaltake evo
Main hard drive - momentus xt 750g
2nd Harddrive -wd green 1 tb
3rd hard drive -wd 350g

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  1. If you want an amd card get the 7950, it comes now with two games free, crysis 3 and bioshock infinite.
    Here's a 7950(there're others, just the cheapest with mir) :
  2. Since you use probably a ton of texture packs i recommend you get a 7970 3GB since you need the vram. 350$ isn't gonna get you any 4GB card worth getting to run Skyrim ultra with textures
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