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MSi Afterbuner Question

Hey guys.

So I downloaded MSi Afterburner to control my fan speed. I set up the curve so that it stays at 20% fan speed when under 30C. Great the fan goes down to 20% says gpu-z.

However, when i close msi afterburner, the fan goes back up to 40%...

Do i need to keep msi afterburner running in order for the fan to be controlled? Isnt there some way to control the fan speed of my gpu behind the scenes and on startup?

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    You need to run MSI Afterburner in the background. You can minimize it to the system tray and there's an option to run it at startup.
  2. Is there no way to have it control the fan speed without having to run in the tray? Is there another program thats good?
  3. The program runs on very little memory. Any other program would require you have it run in the background as well.
  4. Yeah, it's using 3 MB on my computer right now.
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  6. Thanks guys
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