What is the best option *fixed*

What is the best upgrade from 275 gtx

BUDGET: 120$ (I dont care if its used or manufacturer refurbished)
CPU: phenom II 3.1 black edition
2gb ram (upgrading)
530 w raidmax 80plus

Im not planing to OC. I want to run battlefield 3 high or ultra settings in multiplayer (I know 275gtx can do this job but I want to have a directx11 card)

my monitor resolution is 1280 x 1024 > maybe upgrading it to a 19´ inches plasma

and I dont care if its ATI or Nvidia :)
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  1. Yea, it could be my option... but 275 its way better http://www.hwcompare.com/11956/geforce-gtx-275-vs-radeon-hd-7770/
  2. best to wait till I can get couple more dollars so I can buy an used 560 ti, no?
  3. Yeah i would save up more money for sure lol. 560 Ti is not bad but i recommend you get a 660 or 7870 instead.
  4. I was looking for 690 ti, but who the f--- have 1k dollars in hand e.e...

    Thank you for your fast response! you clear up my mind
  5. Lol!No problem your welcome.
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