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hey tech experts,
i bought a radeon hd5450 512 ddr3 to put in my dad's pc but when i power it up no video shows. i reset the bios, still nothing. the card works bec when i swap it to my other pc and it shows video.
i put my XFX HD4890 - 1GB GPU that uses power connector on my dads pc and it works so the pci e works.

my dads pc has:
Antec 900 Case

Intel Core2Duo E8600 3.33GHz

Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo

8 gb ram

cooler master extreme 500w

my pc.

asrock extreme 4
XFX HD4890

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  1. can someone delete this please, ie was acting crazy. sorry for the repost
  2. That's very strange.

    If a different video card works in your computer then this lower-powered one should work fine.

    You say the HD5450 works in a different computer as well...

    That doesn't really leave anything!

    *I can only assume you have hooked the monitor up to the graphics card. Other than trying a different PCIe slot I'm stumped.
  3. i tried that too, it still didnt work.
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