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So I have a Windows Home Server v.1

I set it up nearly a year ago, and everything runs fine.
I have 3 different user accounts that are password protected.
On my PC, i have been running Windows 7 and using the server as my My Documents folder.
I recently installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on an old Hard Drive, and i can't seem to access any folder on the server that isn't already given public permission.
Whenever i try to access my User folder i get an access denied message, but no prompt to enter a password so i can use it.
Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Setup user rights on the server for the account you are using on Windows 8.
  2. the server only seems to recognize the new OS as a guest, not a user
  3. arges86 said:
    the server only seems to recognize the new OS as a guest, not a user

    The OS is not a user, the user account you log on to the OS is a user. Create a user account on it, add that user to the file rights on the server. You can't set rights on a folder based on the fact that it's Windows 8 or 7 or anything like that.

    Are the user accounts you use local on the server? Network accounts? On the computer? Try to map a drive using the "use other user" option, and authenticate as a user you already setup, that should work.
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