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Will an Amd a4-5300 bottleneck a sapphire hd 7750?

Hello, im wondering if an a4-5300 will bottleneck a hd 7750, im currently running with a gt-430 and want to upgrade to a more powerful graphics card but i am worried that my cpu will bottleneck the new graphics card should i purchase the graphics card or just spend the money and upgrade my cpu?

my computer specs are:

Cpu: Amd a4-5300
Ram:Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb 1600mhz
PSU: 450w
HD: 500gb Seagate Barracuda @ 7200rpm
GPU (current): PNY GT 430 2gb ddr3
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  1. No your CPU will not bottleneck the gpu. You're fine with that setup.
  2. Xttony said:
    No your CPU will not bottleneck the gpu. You're fine with that setup.

    what about a sapphire hd 7770 ghz 1gb ddr5 edition? i have 2 extra molex plugs on my PSU (which i can use with an adapter to get a 6 pin) and plenty of room in my case. do you think i would run into any problems with that card? be it bottlenecking or power limitations?
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    No problem with the 7770 either. Your CPU, PSU will be able to support a HD 7770.
    The least reported PSU a 7770 worked on was a 300watts PSU(good, branded PSU, not the cheap ones) so I'm pretty sure that your PSU will be able to handle it too.
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