Power for 2 x 5870


I'm currently running two sapphire 5770's on a thermaltake litepower 750W power supply.

Would this PS be able to run 2 x 5870's (looking at a cheap upgrade.

Rest of system is core i5 661 cpu, 12GB 1600mhz kingston ram, 1 x optical drive, 1 x sata hdd (500GB) 1 x IDE HDD (80gb) runs 3 case fans as well and a zalman cpu cooler.

cpu overclocked to 3.9ghz.

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  1. Yes your PSU can handle two HD5870 without any problems.
    P.S. crossfire setups are known to cause problems so it is better you just buy one powerful graphics card
  2. Thx, for the reply, personally haven't had any issues with the crossfire yet. But I know what you mean. When I build a new system I'll be going for the best single card solution I can afford at the time.
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