Weird vertical line problem?

I just recently bought and built a computer. Every now and again for no apparent reason the screen will turn to vertical lines. It once went completely black.

Example :

When it happens the sound will sometimes continue and at others it will shut off completely.

I looked around the forum and saw some threads about it possibly being the monitor or even the video card. Any help will be appreciated.

Not sure what is needed but some specs are as followed.

CPU : AMD FX-6300 - 3.5GHz

Video Card : Radeon HD 7850

RAM : 8gb

Currently using a TV as my monitor through a HDMI cable.

Thank you kindly.
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  1. It's likely your video card.

    It could also be your Power Supply.

    This type of troubleshooting is basically about SWAPPING components. First of all, to determine if it's your TV or Computer you need to hook your computer up to a monitor.

    If your graphics card is still under Warranty you may wish to simply contact the manufacture about the issue and see about an RMA.
  2. Thank you for the response. I'll try to borrow a monitor from a friend to test that out or something.
  3. Probably should have updated this.

    Turns out the 7xxx series has some weird chipset problem or something where some of them are fucked up, In the middle of getting mine replaced.

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