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Do I get a 2nd Sapphire HD 6750 1GB GDDR5 in Crossfire or purchase a

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February 3, 2013 7:17:58 AM

Hello, I currently have a Sapphire HD 6750 and I am now thinking about upgrading, would I get better performance in games such as ARMA, COD, BF etc with a second card crossfired or would I be better off purchasing one of the Nvidia 660's?

Sapphire Card spec:

660's on this website:
a c 146 U Graphics card
February 3, 2013 8:12:19 AM

personally i would go with single GTX660. that way you don't have to deal with scaling or other crossfire related issue.

this is just my own opinion but i it seems that amd only giving most of their attention to 7k series performance improvement as of late.
February 3, 2013 8:28:44 AM

Crossfire-ing entry level/low-end cards, IMO, is not the best thing to do (it's buggy). You better get teh GTX660 or Radeon HD7850. The single cards (660,7850) would be sufficient for playing the games you mentioned, if you have a decent CPU.
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a c 134 U Graphics card
February 3, 2013 8:39:34 AM

Yea I would be more prone to suggest a single card solution. I would get something in the lines of a 660 or perhaps a 7870 LE Tahiti if you can get one which is essentially a lowered down version of the 7950. Typically its good to pair up two mid level cards for AMD it would be there 8 series the 2nd number within the card series number at least this gen it has been 8.
February 3, 2013 8:56:23 AM

You could also live with your card for now and wate for the Radeon HD8xxx series, cos it is going to come out soon.
a c 134 U Graphics card
February 3, 2013 8:57:22 AM

I think that would be a wise course of action. wait and see how things develop in the new few months. Its a weird time to really jump into a new card when the newer cards on on the horizon.