Why can't I get on the internet?

Okay my computer was fine before I installed some Windows update KB???????? a couple of months ago and it ruined my computer (Would take me to log on screen that I never had before) and so on. Formatted the HDD, reinstalled Windows Xp and computer up and running again. My modem is a Virgin one which allows Ethernet and Wireless. My computer doesn't allow Wi-Fi so must use an Ethernet cable (like before). I have tried two Ethernet cables to make sure it's not them. I have it plugged into back of modem and the other end in back of computer. All I get is LAN cable unplugged etc. I'm on my laptop now and Wi-Fi is working (so don't it is a problem with the modem) and must be my computer.

Any help please?
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  1. If you have already installed the driver, I would delete the NIC in the device manager, restart, and then reinstall the driver. Then check to be sure that the IP address is automatically obtained from the router DHCP service in the netowrk control panel.
  2. i dont think i have installed anything, nor do i know what the NIC is? I'm a total noob I know.
  3. After you reinstall Windows XP, you need to reinstall the motherboard drivers -- including the NIC (network adapter) driver. You can get the latest one from the motherboard (or network card if you have a separate card) manufacturer website.
  4. Silly question but how would i get that if i cant get onto the internet?
  5. By using another computer and saving the driver to a USB stick -- or perhaps you still have the original motherboard CD, which would have a network adapter driver.

    And since you are posting here you apparently have Internet access. :)
  6. Well I'm using my laptop to get internet access. how do I know which drivers to download? I don't even know what is is that I have.
  7. Look at the manual, or the motherboard, or the label on the computer and figure out what you have. The only way that you can get the correct driver is to figure out what computer you have and then do a search of the manufacturer website for the driver.
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