How to avoid Wi Fi and EFM impact in human health?

Hi, I need to ask you a important question. Today I received a mail from a natural health newsletter.

Since time I know that Wi Fi affects the health and I can feel it too. In the mentioned article, the writer named the EFM electromagnetic signal as very perjudicial and recommended that if you need to type better you use a normal desktop pc to avoid harm in your health.

My mother works with a notebook with Wi Fi connection all the time and I want to take care of her. If I buy a router and connect the notebook of my mother via ethernet cable to the internet and not via Wi Fi do you think that the notebook would be just equal of perjudicial for the health than a normal desktop PC or even with the Wi Fi off notebooks are more perjudicial for health than a desktop PC?

Thanks for the information. Sorry for my english.

Juan Pablo
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  1. Very strange question, I have heard so far!!!
  2. Well, my question is not strange. Its a very intelligent one if you consider that you have only one body. If you dont take care of your health nobody will take care of it for you. I hope some people can chime in.
  3. If you have cell phones in your home, Wifi is probably going to be a smaller health risk to you! Just keep all your wireless devices away from you when not in use.
  4. I must agree.. strange question... seeing as wifi/cell signals are literally saturating the air all around you anyway.

    But to answer your question... your router will still be broadcasting unless u log into the router and disable the broadcast.
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