Upgrading from 680 2GB to sli 670 8gb, 680 8gb, 7970 6gb-12gb cf

I want to upgrade from my GTX 680 2GB.
Becuse I have 3x27" monitors running at 5760x1080.
And running skyrim on this limits my modding. Though im quit impressed with what this singel GTX 680 direct CUII top has manged to do for me.
Now first I'm gonna buy 1 card, but I will get sli in a few weeks.

Gtx 680 4gb.
This was my first thought, getting 2 more gb and 4 more with sli would help as im on multiple monitors.

Gtx 670's 4gb
After seeing some benchmarks from 670 sli vs 680 sli it seems that 680's is a waist of money.
Since the 670's do pretty dam close.

2xradeon 7970 3gb.
I happend to stumble across HardOCP's benchmark testing gtx 670 680 sli and 7970 cf
and dam, this 7970 dos pretty amazing.
Is this the best choice?

Im a nvidia harcore fan, so going to amd is tought for me, but performance per money trumphfs my love for nvidia.
Im running with 3770k z77Sabertooth 16gb corsair 1866.

I found the Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 VAPOR-X GHz Edition and it had 6gb lol on a singel card. Now since the price isnt all that higer, what is wrong with this card?
If nothing, would this card in sli giving 12gb vram be the best choice?

Thanks for all the help :D
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  1. First off when you add an additional card to your system you don't add memory by doing so. So if you were to add a 2 gigabyte card to a 2 gigabyte solution all you have done is increased the workflow that the two cards can do together. I would say in a multi monitor solution that dual gpu's tend to solve the problem. I would stick with your 680 since you have one and perhaps invest in another 680 same memory size and perhaps the same exact card.

    Unless you don't care about what you are spending then two 7970 vapor-x cards would be ideal for your situation as AMD has performed better with Skyrim.
  2. Think his concern is also the modding, which I keep hearing is murder on 2GB memory with lots looking to upgrade. Haven't played it yet though so just what I keep seeing in the forums. You'd have to be pretty convinced the memory was an issue though to drop a 680 and get a whole new dual gpu setup.

    The 7970s ARE slightly faster, 3GB(or 6) might help with mods but your res isn't really that high... On a sidenote, you do get crysis 3, bioshock infinity, tomb raider, Farcry 3, sleeping dogs, and hitman all free if you buy 2.
  3. Well he is also running 3 monitors which tends to work better in a multi gpu setting. I recently purchased the game and the game will just use w.e memory you throw at it. I would get the best solution for what you currently have. If you sold your GTX680 you wouldn't get enough value back in return to justify two 7970's in CF
  4. Hey guys, thanks for your feedback.
    So basicly the 7970 is better than the 680 both in price and perforance?

    I can not keep the GTX 680 i have as it is 2gb not 4.
    And buying a sli with 2 2gb cards is nothing els but insainly stupid as future games will mostlikley utilize this better and better.

    Im selling the gtx for 182 usd less then the price for the 7970 Vapor.
  5. Yes the 7970 is better for price and goes against the 680 for performance the ghz edition surpasses the 680.

    And as I thought 182 dollars for a 680 seems very very low. I would want at least 350 dollars or something along those lines. Use this as a guideline.
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