GTX 670 or GTX 660 TI with phenom ii x4 965?


I have 2 options i can go with for my new gpu upgrade
Which would be better?

I currently have a amd athlon ii x3 450 3,2ghz

Upgrade 1:
GTX 670

Upgrade 2:
GTX 660 ti
Phenom ii x4 965 (Would replace my current cpu)

I want to run games on ultra/high on a framerate of above 30fps on my 1680x1050 monitor.
Which upgrade would be the best?
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  1. the second option. the 965 with the L3 high cache and the 660ti would be about optimal for 1680x1050 resolution.... I used to game at that res.
  2. Both GPUs are overkill for 1680x resolution, GTX 670 is about %10 faster than GTX 660ti, go with the better CPU option.
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