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hi guys!! I'm going to buy a pc gaming and my budget is 400€. I don't know which gpu i can buy. My pc specs areCpu intel pentium g860Ram 4gb corsair vengeanceMother board asrock h61mHard disk 500gb western digitalPsu pc cooler master 500wAnd other thingsSo as you can see is a really cheap pc. I need a graphics card max 65-70€. I thought the radeon hd 6670 asus edition (69€), radeon hd 7750 power color (75€), nvidia gt 430 (40-50€ more or less) and nvidia gt 630 (50-60€ more or less).I know that the gpus nvidia that i wrote aren't for gaming but two friends has got these gpus and bf3 runs very well. I'll use this pc to play Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3. Which gpu do you suggest to me? Do you think that if i'll take the nvidia 430 i'll have problems with the new Battlefield 4? I'm interested to play in 1440x900 on MEDIUM. Thanks and sorry for so many questions. See you soon!
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  1. Take it from me, never buy the GT 430.. I had it before I upgraded to HD 7770 and it sucked, I could barely run Battlefield 3 at 800x600 resolution! not recommended for gaming.. better get the HD 7750 or HD 6670

    Depending on your budget, you should go for HD 6670 you would be able to play on high while maintaining best results for frames per second.

    I personally had the GT 430, I was playing on the lowest settings on
    Battlefield 3, I achieved 20~30 fps playing on 1440x900 on LOW,
    Medal of Honor Warfighter achieved 20~30 fps playing on 1440x900 on VERY LOW with x0.75 resolution (blurred and crappy resolution)

    If you can afford the 6670 then buy it, here is how I recommend it (depending on budget/performance):
    HD 6670 > HD 7750 > HD 7770

    If you can afford HD 7770 then go for it, you will be able to play games on ultra with a decent fps (around 40~50fps) since we are on the same resolution then the performance should be the same, however I am not sure about your CPU, may someone else guide you..
  2. ok even the GT 630 doesn't run well on BF3 and Crysis 3?
    I want to spend as little as possible, with a decent FPS (30 fps stable on medium), maybe the best way for me is the 7750 now. If i am certain that a GT 630\430 will work well on low-medium on bf4 i'll take one of these :D i'll wait the requirements of BF4 but more or less are like the requirements of Crysis 3?
  3. The CPU is fine, it won't bottleneck the GPU even the 7770 runs fine with it, but if you could, try to get the i3. Also please specify the PSU(i mean more specific) and the casing.
  4. The HD7750 is a fine choice. I'm using it now and I could play games with ease at high in full HD (using core i5 tho)
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