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Hi, I have 2 different Graphic Cards. 1 is a ATI Radeon 7870 and the other is a old 5570 f.y.i. my motherboard has 3 PCI express slots. What I want to know is can I have them both in my computer and will the 5570 bottleneck the 7870. My plan is to use them for better performance when multitasking. I want to know if I can assign specific programs to run on which videocard. For example I want to assign Far Cry 3 onto my 7870 when I'm gaming and use the 5570 to render my videos all at the same time, do I have to download any drivers or programs? Thanks!
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  1. I think that would work. My brother ran intel 400 and a 6950 at the same time for fun once. He ran two games at the same time, and it just switched between witch ever screen he was currently clicked on. He has two monitors.
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