7970 vs 7970 Ghz vs 680

I plan on buying one of these cards. Ill probably go with the 7970 Ghz, but I was wondering, should I just get the 7970 and save some money?
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  1. The 7970 GHz is a little faster than the 680 and is a great overclocker, so maybe it's the best choice. If you don't mind spending the extra $50, that is.
  2. GIGABYTE GV-R797OC-3GD Radeon HD 7970 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card


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    its already clocked at 1 Ghz.........jump on it :)

    quality components......and potential for more overclocking (~1200 Mhz)
    great cooler ......cool and quiet


    p.s. don't waste $50, i'd rather donate to starvin' Marvins in Africa or oppressed kids in Palestine or Kashmir :)
  3. The HD 7970 and HD 7970 GHZ Edition are the same cards.
    The only difference is that the HD 7970 is clocked lower.
    They both however reach the same frequencies through overclocking, so there is basicly no significant difference between them.
    They also cost the same.
    Just buy the card lethalsam suggested.
    It's the best offer i've seen so far.
  4. get a 7970 and overclock it, AMD is still constantly improving their drivers, I think 13.1 fixed major latency issues with Skyrim and a few other games. I have not seen to much about Nvidea drivers lately though.
  5. Nvidia just has much better latency in all games, except the 3+ games AMD has fixed.
  6. Also, the 680 is a bad pick - it's only 5% faster than a 670, but it's 25-30% more expensive.
  7. bystander said:
    Nvidia just has much better latency in all games, except the 3+ games AMD has fixed.

    Yea, i haven't really looked into latency tests to much, but I will when the 700 series comes, mainly because ive heard they have better drivers than AMD, and personally I don't mind paying a little extra for a nice card.
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