Why should one buy wireless touch screen router?

I'm stumped with my choice here. Need help. Why should I need a router with a touch screen? Just because, its fancy or just because its bringing a new trend to wireless networking? I wanted to buy the D-link DIR 865 but it became vaporware. Now this came up Almond of Securifi.

Dong Ngo of CNet has reviewed it. Does it really make sense to buy a wireless touch screen router, leaving the old trend of traditional routers with web interface? I am stumped. Need your output..................

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  1. You don't need one, but it may help if your computers can't connect to it to do configuration checks. Heck, you don't even "need" a router with wifi or gig ethernet capability really.
  2. I agree with you somewhat. But router has become a need nowadays connecting multiple devices to wireless network. And if a router with so called "touch screen" gives a facility to change the SSID and passkeys without even logging to the web interface, its not bad, I guess.

    Even, I wonder how to configure with a smart tv???
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