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Skyrim HD Mods: EVGA vs Gigabyte 670 4GB Card?

I am looking at two graphics cards to run Skyrim with community HD mods. I will need 4GB VRAM in order to run the mods that I am looking at.

Here are two cards that I am looking at on Newegg:

I noticed that the EVGA has a Core Clock of 1006MHZ and a Boost of 1084. The Gigabyte has a Core of 980MHZ and a Boost of 1050MHZ. However, the EVGA is a little more money and runs hotter than the Gigabyte.

Will the 26MHZ core in the EVGA card make much of a difference? Should I go for a slightly faster card thats most expensive? Or should I go with a slightly slower card with a better cooling system?

In the future if I ever go SLI, would a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Mobo be able to handle 2 Gigabyte cards that take up 3 slots?

If anybody could give me some help or advice I would greatly appreciate it, thanks so much!
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    I'd recommend the EVGA one. That cooler design will make the card run a few degrees warmer, but, it doesn't push air from the card around in your case and your other components will run cooler. It's better at pushing air out the back of the card is what it comes down too.

    That core clock won't make hardly any difference, or you can easily OC to match it (I don't recommend OCing high end cards like this though, they should already be fast enough).
    If you plan to SLI, again the cooler like the EVGA has is better, the bottom card won't be pushing hot air through it right into the top card.
    I've never had problems with EVGA products, and I don't see many people on the forums that do either.
  2. Yeah that makes sense to me, thanks so much for you input! I will get the EVGA one.

    Again, thanks for you help!
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