Would a 560ti work with Nvidia's Project Shield?

All over their website Nvidia says you need a Gtx 600 series (at least a 650) or more to run Project shield and I have a 560ti. The 560ti gets better performance then the 650 doesn't it? Or does Nvidia only require a 600 series cards to promote sales of their newest lineup? I would be quite disappointed if Nvidia didn't allow 500 series cards to work with it.
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  1. Project shield is a handheld gaming device so why would it matter what card you have? Admittedly I haven't looked into too much but still...
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    Project shield is a handheld gaming device so why would it matter what card you have? Admittedly I haven't looked into too much but still...

    Well for streaming PC games to your TV you would be using the gfx card on your computer.
  3. But it has a HDMI port so wouldn't that be more likely to be used for connecting to your TV?
  4. lets see.

    The basic requirement is a modern gaming PC with a Kepler-based GeForce GTX 650 or higher GPU
    and a Wi-Fi router. The preliminary detailed requirements are:
    GPU: NVIDIA® Kepler™-based GeForce GTX 650 (Desktop) or GTX 660M (Notebook) or higher
    CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent or higher
    System Memory: 4 GB or higher
    Software: GeForce Experience™ application and latest GeForce drivers
    OS: Windows 7 or higher
    Router: Router: 802.11a/g/n (Recommended: 802.11n Dual Band / MIMO Router

    thats the requirements.
  5. No, it will not work. You need a keplar based card, so thats a 600 series. All series afterwards will be compatible as well
  6. So is the HDMI port an input or output?
  7. well if its not series 600+ wont work even if hes got hdmi
  8. If the HDMI is an output why can't it just be plugged straight into the TV?
  9. i dunno i think its programmed and built for series 600+ only.

    why i couldnt say.
  10. The Kepler card processes the video into a compressed stream that is sent via Wifi to the Shield hardware. Shield sends back control data from the pad to the computer via wifi.
    Only Kepler cards have this Grid processing tech in them.
    The HDMI on the Shield unit is output only TV.

    Shield only has the ability to run Android games on it's own. If you want to run PC games, they are processed on the PC and streamed via wifi, having nothing to do with the Shield's HDMI port.
  11. Thank you for clearing that up.
  12. That stinks! I was looking into this as I thought it would be a good tool for farming borderlands 2.

    My Q6600 @ 3.6 and GTX 570 have me maxed out for settings with a 50+ min frame rate but it can not stream to shield. I have a really Highspeed connection at home 80Mbps+ so this really looked like it was going to be for me but it seems not.
  13. I realize this thread is kind of old but in case you're still following it or for others that stumble upon it like me: If you have a good Android device try Kainy. I've got my 560 Ti workin' great sending very low latency gaming to my SGS4 Android with a PS3 wireless controller paired to it. Just waiting on my MHL cable to put it on the big TV downstairs!

    Bonus: If people reading this now has quality Android device and a Shield-supported card: Limelight for Android seems to be an awesome app that uses the same technology. A quad-core FireTV + a Shield-supported card would probably work great. I haven't been able to test it myself until I get those things lol
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