GTX 660Ti or wait for new gen cards?

Been looking to upgrade my graphics card (current is a gts 250) once I get my tax return, and my budget is around 220-240$. Currently I have been looking at either the 7870 or the 660ti.

Just wondering which card you guys would recommend if they are the SAME price. Generally I see the 660ti outperforming the 7870, but then again many people will claim otherwise. The cheapest 7870 I can find is 230, whereas the cheapest 660ti is 240. Any opinions?

Also, since the 8000 series is rumored to drop somewhat soon, should I consider waiting for that instead? I'm thinking the first few cards from that family will all be $400+ anyways.

Last thought: do any of you have experience with selling the promo games on ebay and such? Since the 7870 comes with both bioshock infinite and the new tombraider, I may opt to simply get that and sell each game for 30 if thats possible. Cuts the cost of the card down immensely.

Just to clarify, I DO mean the Ti version of the 660 being the same price as the 7870. There are plenty of the PNY xlr8 models on ebay for 240ish which is just a few dollars away from the cheapest 7870s.
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  1. At this point in time, I'd sit on the money for few more months.
  2. Soda-88 said:
    At this point in time, I'd sit on the money for few more months.

    Exactly i would wait a few months and go gtx 770..I have the 660ti my self and im waiting for either the 780 or the 770s to drop in a few months (hopefully) if on track as 600 series
  3. Wait a few months and go gtx 670? I heard the new gtx 700 series is coming until early 2014 or late 2013..
  4. That doesnt make sense. They will release the gtx 700/ati 8000 28mm cards soon and the gtx 800/ati 9000 20mm cards next year..This way the 28mm cards can have atleast almost a year to be out
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