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What's the best price?

I'm about to sell my Asus GTX 670 DC2 and grab myself AMD 2x7970 and watercool them. I'm thinking $400 for the card. What do you guys think?
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  1. how long have u owned it. and what price is it selling for.
  2. I've owned it since October and it's still selling for 419-429 before tax in most places
  3. hmm. id say 300 would make sense for a used 670.

    i dont see u getting more than 320 for it. as some 670s sell new for 310$
  4. Really eh? Damn. Or should I just get another one of the same card and SLI it? I'd rather get 3x7970, custom water cool them or 2x 690 and water cool that. What do you think?
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    all of that seems excessive. and u dont need to water cool them either.

    add another 670 for super performance :)
  6. I thought about that but I'm planning on getting the Corsair 900D so I can do a tri CFX/SLI and water cool the GPUs. Money won't be an issue since I also plan on adding another 27" from dell if not 30" LCDs.
  7. I guess I might just add another 670 then and save the money. The way I was thinking was that I make a whole new pc and make this as a HTPC for wife. So get 3770K, new mobo, keep the cooler, second monitor, 2-3 new cards, new case, new ram. Get it, a completely new system. I guess I might as well wait til summer and see what the new cards and CPUs have to offer.
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