Laptop Screen problem or graphics card?

Hi all, My problem is with my:

Dell Latitude E6500
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M
4gigs ram

The screen image will randomly go black (lit up but the color black). The laptop will keep running fine but black screen. I can connect it to an external monitor and it works completely fine and not have this problem. This makes me think its a hardware issue not a driver. BUT hardware seems to generally work or not... while this problem is temperamental lol.

If i leave the laptop off for a while the screen works but then cuts out to a backlit black again, . It will work fine for a longer time if i leave the laptop off for a few days, but eventually it goes black.

Screen problem? Inverter? Graphics card?

Please help TY!
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  1. Hmm okie after writing it out and thinking about it it cant be a software/driver issue since it works when plugged into a separate monitor...

    DO i need a whole new laptop screen or is it some loose connection? I dont know if this is the right forum now but any help wpould be appreciated tnx
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