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I have a Crossfire capable motherboard sitting on the shelf that I would like to use to play around with CF on, but the micro-stutter problem with 2 AMD cards is so notoriously bad with low and mid range cards that it really isn't worth it. How far up the hierarchy of AMD graphic cards do you folks think I'd have to go in order to not be plagued with M-S?
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    I'd not dare crossfiring anything below 7870. And even then, I'd rather have a single 7970. Same goes with Nvidia. There's simply too many issues to make SLI/CF worthwhile with anything less than flagship cards.
  2. Even Nvidia has microstutter I get it playing BF3 but not that often. Tri-Fire and Tri-Sli is the only real answer to this.
  3. That's kinda the answer I was expecting. :( Oh well, shame.

    Btw, @ redeemer, I'm surprised you get M-S issues with your 2 680's in BF3? I play BF3 with my 2 570s and have not experienced it. In fact, I haven't experienced M-S in any game yet with them. My previous HD 6850s in CF were horrible, so I know what it looks like.
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