Requested level of anti-aliasing not supported.

"Requested level of anti-aliasing not supported, rendering without." Says Passmark's Computer Benchmarking Software (8.0.1009 12-2012) to my month old Total Score: 1081, and every related program/game I run confirms this on my Intel H61/i3HD4000@1GB of 4GB-1333/XP sp2/dx9.0c-june-2010 system w/17" Syncmaster 730b LCD via analog cable. (Hint: sp3 solves nothing/XP doesn't "offically" support over dx9.0c/""unofficial"" dx10 does nothing/HD4000 DX11 MSAA is supported) So, what don't I know here...

This is an Ultra fast XP Pro system I am building. And i see no reason it should not be able to handle a decade's old graphical contrivance such as anti-aliasing (the blending/softening or maintenance of sharp edged pixels). Particularly given the full XP compatibility of the Intel DH61CR mobo (2011) or the technical superiority of the Intel i3-HD4000 proc. There is no upgrade in this system's future it will run XP for the next decade and beyond.

From XP, I can get no anti-aliasing supported even at the dx9 level, even from 8 year old games. I'm not a serious gamer by any measure, I've no game on my system larger than 5 gigs, nor any plan to explore modern games from this classic OS. Tomb Raider Anniversary, GTA San Andreas, Shadow of Chernobyl, Half-life 2, all old games asking my bright shiny new system, with anti-aliasing buttons in their video settings for this support, which they all display 'none' as the only anti-aliasing option. A fully capable system provides no support for a well-established 10 year old graphical solution.

How do i make anti-aliasing work on XP using only my Intel HD 4000? Full details of how, or if not, why not please.
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