How run run Chkdsk f.

When I try and Disk defrag a message comes up..."Disk degramenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume C:/f. (C:). Please run Chkdsk /f. " What is this and where and how do I run this? I have trying everything. But I am pretty Computer dumb.
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  1. It's done the same way in Windows 7 as it was in earlier versions of Windows:

    Open the "Computer" window
    Right-click on the drive in question
    Select the "Tools" tab
    In the Error-checking area, click <Check Now>.
  2. A scheduled scandisk usually means that it will do the scan on the next restart, have you tried turning it off and on again ? ;)
  3. 1.Click the Windows "Start" menu on the desktop and click "Run" (Windows XP) or "Start Search" (Windows Vista or 7).

    2.Type "regedit" in the search box and press "Enter" to launch the registry.

    3.Click "+" under the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder to expand it. Click the "SYSTEM" folder and click the "CurrentControlSet" folder. Click the "Control" folder, then click the "Session Manager" folder.

    4.Double-click "BootExecute" on the right pane. You should see the default value of the key set as autocheck autochk * (With asterisk). The asterisk (*) means Windows checks every drive for consistency. Add "/K:C" to the end of the autocheck autochk * After the addition, the final value should look like this : autocheck autochk /k:C *

    5.Click "File" and click "Exit" to close the registry. Restart your computer. The disk check no longer launches at computer start up.
  4. So if I follow these instructions will this relieve my problem and let me defragment it?
  5. It should work!
  6. Thanks. I will try this. Cross my fingers and yours.
  7. If it did not autorun, try to tell it to do chkdsk again

    Hit start and search for "cmd"

    Right click it and select "Run as administrator"
    This will give you an old fashioned command prompt window.
    In that window you can just type it as you see "chkdsk c: /f"

    If you have more then one drive or partition, you will need to tell it the disk(chkdsk d: /f).

    If it is the primary windows disk(c:) it will ask you to schedule it for next boot. When you restart, it will do a chkdsk for you before even getting to the login screen.

    If all goes well, you will be able to defrag, but be warned, the latest windows defrag is VERY slow. Something like Defraggler will work much faster and do as good of a job.

    Its FREE :)
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