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Hi all..

I upgraded from an hd 5770 to a gigabyte hd 7950 back in december and have had an issue that has been bugging me randomly ever since. My screen will do a random flicker ever so often.. its generally so fast that if you look away then youll miss it. And it doesnt happen awhole lot, its usually maybe once ever 2 hours. However, I ran heaven 3.0 benchmark with extreme tensellation and max settings at 1920x1080 and i noticed it happening every 15-20seconds in there. I decided to open fraps and try to capture it on video and then screenshot the video. It was so fast it took me about 10minutes to screenshot the frame that had flickered and my findings are pretty weird.

Not only does it happen in games but it also flickers on desktop as well. VERY RARELY like I said previously. But it happens and i'm really hoping my card isnt defective. When it happens in desktop its just a quick flash and thats it.. I never had this issue with my 5770. Here are a couple screenshots.. The first screen is the frame before the flicker aka normal, and the second is the actual flicker. After the flicker it quickly goes back to normal. Seems most games have a random flicker in this as well, once every couple hours or so. Any help would be much appreciated!

Normal -

Quick flick -
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  1. I may have found a fix. It seems the new 13.2 beta 4 drivers fix directx 9 flickering so I'm going to install those drivers and see if that was my issue.
  2. I still have the issue with new drivers, it sucks
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