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Working Video Card + New Mobo = Black Screen

February 4, 2013 2:42:59 AM

So a while back I bought this new motherboard after my previous one had fried. Not too long after I replaced my mobo, the screen stopped turning on (black screen, normal starting noises). Recently I got a hold of my friends pc so I could do some trouble-shooting on the issue.

I tried replacing my nvidia 8800 gt with his nvidia 9800gt (both pci-e 2.0) and the screen would come on just fine so I know it can't be a problem with the slot itself.

I then put my card into his pc and to much relief, it booted up just fine. So I know that my graphics card is in good/working condition.

I tried uninstalling the nvidia drivers on my pc, and even the pci bus drivers. With no avail.

I tried using his psu to power my mobo and card. Same black screen. Not surprising considering we both have the same Watt PSU.

I tried resetting the bios to defaults, clearing the CMOS, and even removing and replacing the mobo battery (when finding corrosion) after waiting for ~ 10 mins. Still nothing.

I tried changing out the RAM modules. I removed all dust from both cards. I even tried switching out HDDs. All with out any luck.

So I guess I'm completely baffled by this and could really use some help. I've been to school for computer networking and repair so I am very thorough with my troubleshooting. Thanks and here are my specs:

Windows 7 32-bit
2048 MB Crucial 800 mhz RAM DDR2 (2*1GB RAM modules)
AMD Athlon X2 6400+ 3.2GHZ Dual-Core
500W Ultra PSU
Foxconn A74ML-K Mobo
EVGA Nvidia 8800 GT graphics card