Coolermaster ATC110 or ATC210 pc case?

Hmm can't really decide which case to pick. I went to and saw the Coolermaster ATC110 for an extra $20 more than the newer case from Coolermaster the ATC210. Which one would you guys prefer anyways? (forgetting about the price..)
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  1. The 210 is butt ugly from the picture, and worse in real life. I saw it last night at Fry's when I picked up my Lian-Li PC7+USB.
    The 110 is ok, but is it really work $200 more than the case I got?

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  2. hmm... yeah I was going to get a Lian-Li PC-75 but then again when I put in my cd-writer and cd drive and other stuff it's not going to match the color of the case. So that's why I decided to go with coolermaster because the 210, and 110 models have doors to hide my components that don't match the color of the case. Well I don't care bout price just appearence really.. hehe... Alright I'll think bout the 110 model. Thx for the reply!
  3. The Antec full-tower cases are good quality and have the door as well. Worth thinking about, especially for $100 with a 400w Antec PSU. Only problem is that it's big and heavy, so if you go to LAN parties regularly (like I do), then forget it.

    Your drive bezels can be painted, a friend of mine did his (same case as I have), and it looks really good. There are guides to do it online.

    I have nothing against the CoolerMaster cases except for the fact that they're $200 or so overpriced.

    Hell, send me the bezels and give me $50+shipping, and I'll paint them for you! You'll still be saving ~$150. Or if you're buying new CD drives, I'll buy them for you, paint them and send them your way. I just don't want to see you spend $300 for a case worth 1/3 that.

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  4. Antec? Sorry not into steel no more. I want aluminum. Pricing isn't the problem with me. I don't care how much they cost. I already have a Enermax 430W EG465P-VE (FCA)PSU so Antec wouldn't be my choice. Yeah I know my drive bezels can be painted but I don't want that because then the bezel would just be plain color without the writing that used to be on it. I was asking Yamaha if they would custom build a CD-RW bezel for me at any cost but they told me they don't do that kind of service so yeah. haha I don't need your service but your opinions. haha thx for offering though anyways.

    Looking really for any Aluminum case that has a door and looks crazy. Liked Lian-Li PC-75 but drive colors don't match so that's why I'm sticking with a door.

    Yeah I'm PICKY ass person if you were wondering but prices doesn't bother me.

    Thx for the reply! and keep em coming! hehe.
  5. IMO the 210 in blue is a hot case. But, I do have qualms about a $300 PC Case.

    Have you thought about recessing the drives in your case so that you can use the bay covers? <A HREF="" target="_new">Here is a great article on how to do that. </A>

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  6. I see. Well the real difference is that the ATC-110 doesn't have front USB ports in the front while the 210 does. Yeah was going to stealth the drives but then again would have to cut holes and stuff for the buttons and not wanting that since I'm going to get a case with a door on it so there is no need to.
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