About to build my FIRST PC. Should I wait until geforce 700 series?

Hey guys,
Im planning on building my FIRST PC around the middle of March. Should I go for the HD 7970, or wait until Sea Island or Nvidia 700 series launches? Here is my planned build so far:

I7 3770k (Hoping to OC to 4.5)
Asus Sabertooth Z77 intel series 7
212 Evo
HD 7970?
OCZ Agility 4 256gb SSD
Corsair 600t
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700 Watts

Budget is around $1500

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  1. You never know when the 700 series will get released though. For all we know they end up with some issues and keep delaying the release.
    So if you are eager to start playing right now, i'd go for something they already sell, like hd7970 or gtx670/680
  2. ^ +1, remember upon release of the 770/780 you could possibly get two GTX 670's for the same price, which would no doubt cream a single 780. The next generation of cards (GTX 700 and Sea Islands), are just improvements on the current architecture. You will likely see around 15% improvements across the board, which isn't a whole deal. I would probably skip GTX 700's/HD8k and grab a Maxwell card or something in 2014.
  3. The 7970 is pretty much the top card right now, prices on the new ones will be high, they may not be out for months, and a 7970 will last a few years anyway. It ALSO comes with crysis 3 and Bioshock infinity free if those interest you. Should both be great. I wouldn't worry to much about waiting if you want it now. Really its up to you.

    Side note, an i7 is a waste of money for gaming, an i5 makes way more sense and performs the same. You might also want to get some memory :)
  4. Depends on the display you have. The upcomming Titan is about $900 so that's not in your future. Perhaps the 8870, but that's due in Summer for perhaps 15% more graphics power, nothing to put on Facebook.
  5. Thanks guys!! That's was what I was hoping to hear haha. Getting impatient... didn't want to have to wait 3-4 extra months while I could have been gaming :)
  6. im waiting and using the hd4000 to play
    you wont miss on anything f u waited
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