Please help display adapter stopped workig

I built a new pc everything seems to work fine but randomly even just browsing the internet the display driver crashes and gives a message of " display adapter stopped working recovered etc " ive looked into and tried a ton of different fixes some say it could be system is too hot well im on a desktop with no heat issue and just browsing internet not a task that demands a ton of anything ... I have a 700w coolmax power supply intel i3 3220 radeon 6870 500 gb sata hd all brand new but this error is holding me back .. its sad I wanted to enjoy my pc but now have this problem any help is appreciated
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  1. Try to update the latest CCC and check ur PCI-E power cables are properly installed.

    If none of these work, you better RMA it.
  2. go to windows update and see what it has for your machine.

    then update flash player.
  3. in my experience that error is related to faulty vram. download video memory test

    run a few passes and see if it detects any errors, if it does rma your card.

    remember just because it's new doesn't mean its good
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