AMD or Nvidia GTX 670 680 or 7970. Amd with VG278H nvidia vision 2?

I was 25 min ago sure to get amd's 7970 CF as it performce better than the gtx 670 and 680.

But now im not sure becuse i have the ASUS VG278H nvidia vision 2 3d monitor.
it dos not have a display port, which amd's 3d needs for good quality 3d.
But i want to keep gaming 3d on my VG278H and i want the 7970 which will defintly be the best option for performance and my wallet.

So now im not sure what to do.
Im a modder of skyrim and need loads of vram and strong performance.
Im also playing on 3 monitors 5760x1080.

The 7970 ran over gtx 680, aswell as being a hell lot cheaper aswell.

I currently own a gtx 680 Direct CUITOP but only with 2gb.
So im selling it to upgrade, and in order to keep the 3d it seems my choice is gtx 670 or 680 4gb.

But i dont want to downgrade to the 670 ither, cuse the 680 dos have more chewing power and i need that.
Now there is the option of a 690 but it did not seem all that great.

It seems that AMD 3D dos not run with crossfire????
I think i will loose the 3d for this huge of a performance gain, aswell as being cheaper on my wallet.
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  1. For 3D Nvidia is better anyway, why not buy another GTX 680? I know people who use tons of mods and only end up using 1.5 vram even with ugrids to load set to 9+ini mods+hr textures!! SLI 680 will drastically increase your performance and you will retain the best 3D support right now
  2. Yeah iv just order a new gtx 680 4gb version and sold my 2gb version.
    n a few month i will buy a second gtx 680 and i should be set for quite a while.

    Though its a bit said cuse 2gtx 680's performs about 10-15% less than 2 7970 atelast now with the new drivers.
    And the 680 costs quit a bit more.

    As for skyrim using 1.5gb hehe, Iv had to many ctd's duo to the game reaching 2gb.

    When i get my card and finished my current skyrim mod project, it will be fun to see just how much vram it will utilize.
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