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Sapphire 7970Ghz Edition 3gb vs 670 gtx

So, my current choice is the HD 7970 3gb Ghz Edition. People are saying I should switch it with the 670 gtx (2gb).

Which performs better in games such as TF2, Fallout 3, Fallout NV, Skyrim, GTA IV (soon GTA V)

7970GE 3gb is $425
670 GTX 2gb is $400

I will allow comparison charts if they are on any of the games I listed.

I'm planning on modding the Fallout games heavily, if that changes anything.

In the end, which card is better for me?

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    The 7970 ghz edition performs alot better in these games than the 670. You should really go with the 7970.
  2. 7970, gogo
  3. How about new/future releases, such as Fallout 4?
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