How siginificant a difference? 670 vs 680

hey so i have posted a few threads on here now regarding graphic cards and which one is going to be the best in regards to performance. i was tunnel visioned on getting a 680 until someone pointed out that the 670 is more or less the same in regards to performance.

currently i am using a gtx 570 by asus, and i was not sure as to what the difference between evga and asus cards were. but what most people have been saying is that the performance and specifications are exactly the same, only asus cards run quieter and cooler?

so yeh, essentially if anyone can read graphic cards and tell me if it is worth getting the 680 over the 670 id appreciate it.

670 -
680 -

thanks, chris.
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  1. There isnt a very big difference... 2-5fps maybe... Buy an Overclocked GTX 670 like the Asus GTX 670 Direct CU 2 Top
  2. They only disable one bundle of cores so they are mostly the same. Unlike with the GTX470/480 they even have the same memory/backend. As timarp said the difference is very small.
  3. cheers guys, i think im gonna save the £100 and get the asus gtx 670 like timarp said.

    comments were much obliged
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