Gigabyte gaz68xp-ud3p 560ti sli core i5 8gb ram

I was considering another 560ti card and upgrading to sli for BF3. I already run a 560ti now and was wondering how much more performance this would give me. Can someone give me an idea if this would be cost effective?
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  1. When both PCIe X16 slots are populated on that board, they both run at X8 bandwidth. Still faster than those cards will need for PCIe ver 2.0.
    With 2 cards, you will get an average of an 80% boost in frame rate with most games. I have that same board with my 2 x gxt 570s. (see my sig) There's always the possibility of micro stutter with dual cards in some games. But so far I haven't noticed the effects myself.
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